Our story

Hey there, I’m the owner of The Cookie Magnet. I have a self-proclaimed cookie-obsession, and I’m not ashamed of it, I embrace it! It all started when I was young. I would buy a cookie every day for 30 cents at school, from first grade until I graduated high school.

Cookie has always been a passion of mine, and I would usually be the one doing the holiday cooking for my family. One holiday, I made a batch of cookies and instantly felt that nostalgic movie-like moment. The house smelled like a Bath & Body Works candle in overdrive, my taste buds were in heaven, and I knew then and there, uh-oh I’m in trouble now.

I started making cookies almost every day. I would experiment with different flavor combinations. I had some good, and some what were you thinking, (name) moments. But I eventually started posting my finished cookies on my social media. After my friends and family begged for a bite, I ultimately started baking for local events. Fast forward to the present, and The Cookie Magnet is genuinely a dream come true.

I get to relive my nostalgic moments over & over again each day, and I’m beyond grateful that my job revolves around creating amazing cookies to spread love, sweetness, and happiness.

Why the Name?

Our name, Cookie Magnet, was inspired by our very first customers. We kept hearing that after taking a bite out of our cookies, they were instantly magnetized. Like a moth to a flame, they kept coming back for more. We were so overjoyed by the positive reaction that it was time to embark on a cookie adventure of a lifetime.